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Like many construction companies, Big Rock Construction 12 cc started small in 1998 but, over the years, we have grown to become one of the biggest names in construction in the Greater Gauteng area. We may have started small but good things tend to become bigger and, due to the demand of our customers, we evolved into the successful business we are today. Today, Big Rock Construction 12 cc is one of the most successful, most prolific construction companies in the Greater Gauteng area. We strive to establish a professional relationship with our clients, to understand their needs and to fulfil them to their expectations. We employ some of the most skilled, most qualified builders and artisans in the industry and we continuously streamline our construction methods and customer services for the convenience of our clients.

Maybe dreaming about building an newly built home, insitu slabs, raft foundations, wetwork, roof slabs, build-up or a new playroom for the kids. Or how about a new wing to your offices? You need the space for the new batch of employees you hired or to place your new production equipment. Here, at Big Rock Construction 12 cc, we can complete these projects for you in the smallest amount of time and at the most competitive rates you can imagine. Since our inception, we have strived to deliver the absolute best construction services to our clients and, indeed, this is an ongoing process. We continuously streamline our methods and client services for the convenience of our customers.

Our Mission

Big Rock Construction 12 cc strives to provide our customers with quality, durable and reliable construction buildings and building materials. We uphold and retain our clients’ satisfaction and endeavor to extend a hand towards their construction project needs.

About Us

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